Thursday, January 2, 2014

My tips for a flawless face

Happy New Years Everyone!
I can not believe 2014 is already here.
Although I wont set myself up for failure with a resolution, I do plan on being the best me. I want to learn as many beauty tips and tricks as possible this year. I learn something new with every video I watch. So on that note, I wanted to show you what I learned this year by teaching you my face makeup routine.

1. Moisturize and Prime!
This step is so so important. If you want a healthy, dewey look do not skip this step. 
In this picture I have Jergens soft shimmer lotion, Smashbox photo finish foundation primer, and Caudalie vinosource creme sorbet. The Jergens is what I use when I want a little shimmer. Im sure you figured that out lol.  Caudalie is my favorite. What is pictured here is only a sample, I save it for special occasions.  It makes your face so soft and hydrated.  Unfortunately its a bit pricey and I cant afford it right now, but if I could I'd buy a lifetime supply. The Smashbox feels like your putting silk on your face. I am in love with it. So to begin my routine I put on moisturizer first, then my primer. Put it on in a circular motion, starting on the cheeks and working down then backtrack to the forhead. I put the most product on my cheeks and chin, which is where I need most coverage. Dont forget your neck!

2. Foundation 
I would love to use MAC every day. I do have alot of MAC products but I cant afford a full on MAC makeup routine. So I wound up finding a few replacements and this is one of them. Pictured is CoverGirl outlast stay fabulous 3in1 foundation.  Its a primer, foundation, and concealer all in one. However I still use primer and concealer.  I would wear this while sweating and still get complimented on my beautiful skin. Its a great drugstore replacement. I put the foundation on the back of my hand to warm up the foundation. Then using a foundation brush, I swirl the foundation in circular motions on my cheeks down to my chin and neck and the remaining on my forehead.  I then continue to blend the foundation in circular motions until its blended in. 

3. Set with powder
Powder is the key to long wear. I use MAC studio fix foundation in NC20. Apply in a circular motion with a powder brush.

4. Concealer
Most people put on concealer before foundation. In fact you should be doing the opposite.  Why? Because most of the time foundation will cover most of it. You'll only need a little concealer for the really dark spots and in my case, my dark circles. 
Pictured above is MAC concealer in NC15. Use a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation to brighten under your eyes. Apply with your fingers, patting under your eye lightly but rapidly. Less is more!

5. Blush and Bronzer
Using blush and bronzer really completes the look. I love MAC blush in gingerly. The bronzer is NYX when leapord gets a tan. Apply with an angled blush brush. Focus the blush on the top cheek bone. A great tip for bronzer is to apply in a 3 shape: forehead, hallows of your cheeks, and under your chin. Use small light circular motions to blend the colors together together and with your foundation for a flawless. 
Here is the final look! I think the most important part of makeup is your skin routine and deserves the most attention.  This routine is also great for covering ance and blemishes. I hope this helps, I would love to hear some of your favorite products and tips! Also please dont mind my hair in this pic, it wasn't done yet. :)
I wish everyone a beautiful glamorous new year. 

xoxo Nicole ♡