Thursday, April 17, 2014


Today Influenster announced a new, updated scoring system.
The best news is that its faster and more realistic.
It calculates a score based on your social media. 
You can link up all your social networks to Influenster, and it will give you a score based on your online presence and activity. Finally, a fair way of scoring!

If you haven't heard of Influenster, I definitely suggest checking it out. The website is a hub for trendsetters, a place to discover and share new products. Essentially, your social media presence can earn you samples of food, household items, beauty products and so much more! They have even been known to send full size items from time to time, anything that can fit in a box. What we Influensters like to call a voxbox :)

 You have to put in a little work though.
Nothing too tough, you start by building a profile and filling out mini surveys to earn badges.
Then you can start reviewing. You can review anything you've ever loved or hated. Things like household items to beauty supplies, the list is endless. We do all of this in hopes to get a voxbox, try out all the cool freebies you get each month, and share with the world what we think about them. Its not for everybody, but I think Influenster is the best term to even describe us.

If you want to learn more for yourself, I have a blog review of the Jolly voxbox. Another great idea is to look on Influensters facebook page and check it out. Also, you can hashtag #voxbox on Instagram and see past and present voxbox's!

Have a great night, and Happy Reviewing!