Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tips on keeping your skin healthy in your 20's

As a licensed Esthetician in the sweet ol' state of Jersey-- not joisey, we spend a lot of our summers soaking up some rays on the beach and in the pool. I see a lot of my older clients complaining about their time in the sun. They say, " If only I knew then what I know now!"  They are seeing changes in their skin and they are desperate to do something about it! While I could go on forever about how to treat aging skin, I have to save that for another day because this is Tips for skincare in your 20's!

First Prevention is KEY. But I hate to burst your bubble my lazy chikas, but putting on sunscreen only when your on vacation or having a day at the beach is not enough. The place people absorb the most of those harmful UV rays is when your in your car, driving on a daily basis. In most cases if your often the driver, you'll have more damage on the left side of your face and as a passenger, the right. But fear not, because you can prevent it from happening. Wearing at LEAST a SPF of 30 or higher is recommended. Its also a bonus if you wear makeup with SPF for added protection. But it is not enough by itself as we tend to often miss spots and apply a thinner layer of makeup.
Wearing sunglasses will also help you protect your delicate eye area.
about sun damaged skin,
Next find a licensed esthetician near you. I work at Ulta and we offer free face mapping to help identify your skin type as well as any skin conditions for free. A esthetician can help you establish a regular skincare routine to ensure your skins cells are turning over properly and staying hydrated. 
Which is actually my next tip! Drink plenty of water! I know this is a common sense thing but its important to drink the recommended amount of water daily. Water flushes out toxins and keeps your skin glowing .Dehydrated skin can become inflamed so if your not big on the taste or lack their of of water, try crystal light. Or another sugarless mix in!
Along with other healthy skin habits like regular facials and taking your makeup off every night, you will have healthy skin from your 20's till infinity and beyond.